What am I doing here?

The who and why

I am reminiscing about the 1992 vice presidential debate between Admiral James Stockdale, Gore, and Quayle.  Yes, I know, I am showing my age by giving up that little bit of info.  I still remember the first words uttered out of Stockdale’s mouth, “who am I” “what am I doing here.”  I feel the same way while I draft my first blog.  I get it; there is a tremendous amount of information about Marketing that is never-ending and here is one more guy trying to make a mark in an overflowing sea of Marketing content. With that said, the beauty of Marketing today is that it is ever-changing but hard to grasp sometimes as it moves at warp speed. Tailoring this information in palatable bites is key for anybody to comprehend.


So who am I and what do I intend on doing here.  My name is Kraig Schmitt, and I have been in the Graphics/ITS/Marketing industries now for over 23 years.  During those years these industries have shifted beyond recognition because of technology. There is a lot of great information currently out there.  However, it seems that some of the info is regurgitated and what you read is always a slight spin on previously posted original content.  The only gain from the mixed messaging is confusion.  In addition to that, there is plenty of really bad information that never offers any substance for a solution to real problems.  When researching Marketing topics, it can become overwhelming and in some instances actually set you back.


There are many times I have thought about what I have learned and have always wanted to share these ideas with those that are willing to listen.  That is why I am here and what I intend on doing.  As I continue to write more blogs, I will pick out the most important learned lessons.  There is no hidden agenda just a way for me to unload what I have learned for anybody that is willing to read and at the very least hopefully learn.



Kraig Schmitt



Kraig Schmitt

This is Kraig Schmitt’s website, and this copy is about him. He has spent the last 24 years of his life in Marketing and Technology industries. An award-winning designer with multiple levels of executive management experience. The details are a little thin, right? If so, and you are inclined to learn more, browse the rest of his site. I am sure he would appreciate it!