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Technology has allowed marketers to do things once never imagined possible. I think of it like fixing something in your house.  There is always something you can buy from the big box store that can accomplish what you set out to fix.  However, it still takes the individual(s) to put it all together to create a winning strategy.


Below are some of the best marketing tools available today. One thing about marketing technology, these will frequently change so keep this page bookmarked.

COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE TOOLS – Detailed desktop/mobile traffic, demographic, popular pages info – Ad histories, days on market, networks, creative, landing pages – Customer journey from ad network/creatives to landing pages – SEO keyword research, ads, backlinks – Backlinks, keyword/competitive analysis, rank tracking – Chrome extension displays all on-page ad-tech
WhoseMailingWhat – Direct mail + email campaign performance tracking (database ended 9/2017) – Complete competitive intel on product launches, site changes + price tracking – Video intelligence, performance tracking, and leaderboards – Web ranking and competitive intelligence


BuiltWith will tell you what a website is built with.


Datanyze will tell you what the interactive assets of a website was created with like; calculators, interactive infographics, etc.


Security Trails will track all sites/emails associated by the original website. will allow you to see the keywords, ad copy and landing page for competing companies. It also shows what is working and not.

CONTENT MARKETING TOOLS – AI guided content generation+optimization for ranking – Find most shared content across most networks – Keywords into questions for content ideas – Share other people’s content with your links – Find professional journalists to create articles – Reporters looking for you to provide content – Reach out to journalists directly – Get marketing inspiration via search or alerts – Enter URL’s/blog posts and create a PDF Lead Magnet Collateral monetize other people’s content will add a call to action to every link you share


Content headline analyzer will look at your blog headline, compare it to similar headlines and make suggestions to better it.


Combine and headline analyzer to plug your headlines in to see what kind of response you will get.


Hemingway app will allow you to write and change the readability level.

FUNNEL/CRM Tools – Complete CRM Suite – Build testing funnels quickly – Landing page builder – Landing page builder



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